AFHTO 2014 Conference: In Partnership with Patients

  • “Nothing about me without me.” At the close of the AFHTO 2014 Conference, Dr Tia Pham, lead physician at the South East Toronto FHT, reminded the audience of these famous words on patient partnership from Don Berwick, founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
  • “It’s the patient’s experience that counts.” Concluding comments from Dr Joshua Tepper, CEO of Health Quality Ontario and physician at the St.

AFHTO 2012 Conference: better than ever, and the value goes on

From André Picard’s opening prescription for our health system – i.e. make a modernized and expanded primary care system the focus – through to the closing panel discussion on “The value of family health teams – What do we know today? How do we build from here?” over 800 people took part in Demonstrating and Celebrating the Value of Family Health Teams at the AFHTO 2012 Conference.