Enabling Quality improvement

Improving EMR function and maturity

EMR Communities of Practice

AFHTO has convened communities of practice for the following EMRs: Accuro by QHR Technologies, OSCAR, P&P Datasystems, and Telus PS Suite. These communities of practice bring EMR users and vendors on equal footing to share tools, escalate issues, discover solutions, and improve EMR functionality.

Standardized Clinical Queries

The Algorithm Team have created standardized clinical queries in partnership with clinical experts. These queries can help you identify patients who have or are at risk of developing certain chronic conditions, which in turn can help keep them from falling through the cracks. 

The team currently has queries for

  • Opioid use (all)
  • Concurrent opioid and benzodiazepine use
  • COPD
  • CHF
  • Depression

These queries have been developed and tested for Telus PS Suite, OSCAR, and Accuro by QHR. They are currently being ported to P&P datasystems.

Supporting QI Workers and Leaders

Quality Improvement in Primary Care Council includes QIDS Specialists, QIIMS, and other QI workers and leaders in primary care across Ontario.