Walk to Wellness

2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Heather Hadden, BSc Phm FHT/ORG: Credit Valley FHT ABSTRACT: The Credit Valley Family Health team works with many patients who have chronic disease states. These include but are not limited to Diabetes, COPD, Asthma, Hypertension, Obesity, Arthritis and Osteoporosis. Many of these patients do not lead an active lifestyle and do not meet the Canadian recommended requirements for daily activity.

Point of Care INR

2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Katharine De Caire RN (EC), MN; Jennifer Scott, RPN; Mary Park, RPN; Joan Morris, RPN; Brian Hemens, RPh BScPhm; Shelly House RPh BScPhm FHT/ORG: McMaster FHT, Stonechurch Family Health Centre ABSTRACT: Monitoring the international normalized ratio (INR) is a key component of using Warfarin therapy effectively and safely. Traditionally, measuring an INR has involved routine visits to laboratories for venipuncture. Point-of-care testing is an effective alternative.

Patient Centred Access

2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Margaret Tromp MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRRMS; Karen Brooks, RN, BScN, CRE FHT/ORG: Prince Edward FHT ABSTRACT: Patients who have primary care providers often perceive that they are unable to get timely appointments. Open Access is proposed as a response to this, but does not meet the needs of patients with chronic disease or those requesting health maintenance visits (well baby, prenatal, periodic health review).

It Takes a Team

2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Dr. Pauline Pariser, Physician Lead; Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, Consulting Psychiatrist FHT/ORG: Taddle Creek Family Health Team ABSTRACT: The Complex Medical Care Clinic is a partnership between the Taddle Creek Family Health Team and the Centre for Innovation in Complex Care at UHN. The clinic proactively addresses patients with complex co-morbid disease in order to improve their quality of care.

Innovative Community Partnership Reduces ER Visits

2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Katherine Campbell, BSc., MHS FHT/ORG: Dryden Area FHT ABSTRACT: An innovative program was developed to address senior community service needs providing the opportunity to reduce ER visits while focusing on supporting seniors in their home setting of choice. The Dryden Area FHT in partnership with Patricia Region Senior Services (PRSS) has developed a position that has evolved to assist in service integration through a Community Service Guide (CSG).

Emergency Department Visits

2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Kirk Miller, Business Services Manager FHT/ORG: Guelph FHT ABSTRACT: Emergency departments see rostered patients for non-urgent care every day. Using acute care resources to process non-urgent visits is costly and impedes access for patients requiring urgent care. The WWLHIN has targeted a 10% reduction in CTAS 4 and 5 for hospitals in the region.

Pan-Canadian PHC Indicators

2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Brenda Tipper, M.H.Sc; Jennifer D’Silva, M.Sc. FHT/ORG: Canadian Institute for Health Information ABSTRACT: In 2006, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released 105 consensus and evidence-based pan-Canadian primary health care indicators (PHC) with which to measure and compare PHC at multiple levels across jurisdictions in Canada.  This year CIHI is embarking on an initiative to identify and update two priority sets of indicators.