AFHTO response to Globe and Mail comment about FHTs

On January 17, Globe and Mail columnist Adam Radwanski wrote about the upcoming MOHLTC-OMA negotiations, focusing on costs and value for money (echoing the Auditor General of Ontario’s report). Unfortunately he used the term “family health team” when he was refering to physicians in capitated models in his statement, “The province will continue trying to get more family doctors away from fee-for-service.

Rural health care providers unite to provide optimal health services

Wellington hospitals, Family Health Teams, Community Care Access Centres and Mental Health Services signed a collective agreement last Wednesday aimed at optimizing health and patient care in our rural communities. The local rural health partners include Groves Memorial Community Hospital, North Wellington Heath Care, Minto-Mapleton, Mount Forest and Upper Grand Family Health Teams, Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre and Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services.


Ten FHTs sustain blood pressure reduction through Hypertension Management Program

(New York, N.Y.): A ground-breaking Canadian blood pressure education program will be a powerful tool in fight to reduce stroke around the world. This morning, Dr. Sheldon Tobe, Chair of the Canadian Hypertension Education Program (CHEP) and a long-standing Heart and Stroke Foundation researcher, unveiled a new and powerful tool in the management of hypertension at the American Society of Hypertension (ASH) Scientific Meeting —The Heart&Stroke Hypertension Management Program.


Atikokan FHT and the Falls Prevention Team

Atikokan -- Two years in, the Atikokan Falls Prevention Team has proven its value – so much so, the team plans to stay together, and continue helping seniors maintain the quality of their lives. “There isn’t another program in the region like this,” said occupational therapist Amanda Dickson, the team leader. “It would be pretty rare to get the professionals we have to be able to work so closely together on a team. In a small town, we are able to do that.” Originally, the group was one of 33 community-based fall prevention teams funded for two years by the Northwest LHIN and St.


Doctor from The Ottawa Hospital FHT uses web to cut wait-times to see specialists

OTTAWA — An Ottawa family doctor has pioneered a simple way to bypass the lengthy delays that patients often face when they are referred to medical specialists. Using a web-based tool to make contact with high-demand specialists such as dermatologists and endocrinologists, Dr. Clare Liddy said she is able to get her patients faster access to medical advice. In many cases, her system of electronic consultations eliminates the need for patients to visit the specialist in person.

South East Toronto FHT's Virtual Ward

Virtual wards are a model pioneered in England. They use the systems, staffing and daily routine of a hospital ward to provide case management to patients in the community but without the walls of the hospital. Patients who are admitted to the SETFHT Virtual Ward receive post-hospital discharge follow-up and interventions by a team of health care professional under the supervision of a physician.


New Family Health Centre for North Perth a Reality

It is with great excitement and anticipation that the Listowel Memorial Hospital, the Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation, the Listowel Medical Centre, John Wilkinson, MPP for Perth-Wellington and the North Perth Family Health Team announce the beginning of construction of the Fisher Family Primary Care Centre. The new centre is being named in honor of the Fisher family and their generous contribution toward the capital construction.