Quality Planning – accelerating Queen’s FHT’s ability to meet targets

The Queen’s Family Health Team (QFHT), an academic teaching clinic with 22 family physicians, 20 nursing and allied health members and 50+ family medicine residents rotating through the clinic, embarked on a quality improvement process in 2008.

QFHT has established a Quality Plan and framework to systematically improve quality across the team.



AFHTO response to Globe and Mail comment about FHTs

On January 17, Globe and Mail columnist Adam Radwanski wrote about the upcoming MOHLTC-OMA negotiations, focusing on costs and value for money (echoing the Auditor General of Ontario’s report). Unfortunately he used the term “family health team” when he was refering to physicians in capitated models in his statement, “The province will continue trying to get more family doctors away from fee-for-service.

Rural health care providers unite to provide optimal health services

Wellington hospitals, Family Health Teams, Community Care Access Centres and Mental Health Services signed a collective agreement last Wednesday aimed at optimizing health and patient care in our rural communities. The local rural health partners include Groves Memorial Community Hospital, North Wellington Heath Care, Minto-Mapleton, Mount Forest and Upper Grand Family Health Teams, Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre and Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services.