D2D 5.1: Getting Started and Changing Gears

AFHTO members have just released the 7th iteration of their performance measurement report, Data to Decisions 5.1. Voluntary participation in team-level measurement remains high. 90% of members have contributed so far, with over 60% in D2D 5.1. This makes D2D 5.1 a unique picture of primary care across the province, at the LHIN level, and (for the second time) at the sub-region level.

Video: Why D2D Matters – A family doctor’s perspective

Data to Decisions (D2D) is a membership-wide report on performance in primary care. In this 4 minute video, Dr. Michelle Greiver, North York FHT, describes the reasons she values Data to Decisions. Share this video with your colleagues, physicians and board members to start conversations about how your team could benefit from D2D.

D2D 2.0 report release: AFHTO members advance primary care measurement

AFHTO members are leading the way to advance manageable and meaningful measurement across primary care. This work is critical. Around the world, cost-effective, high-performing health systems are based on a strong foundation of comprehensive primary care; robust measurement is a mandatory ingredient for strengthening that foundation.

AFHTO launches Data to Decisions 1.0: comparing measures across teams for the first time

Data to Decisions 1.0: Advancing Primary Care (D2D 1.0) is the tangible result of our collective “get started” effort in team-based performance measurement across the AFHTO membership. D2D 1.0 is a summary of primary care data that are currently available, comparable and mean the most to AFHTO members in their efforts to advance quality of care for their patients. AFHTO members can access D2D 1.0 in the Members Only website.

The Starfield model: Measuring comprehensive primary care for system benefit

AFHTO’s approach to primary care measurement focuses on the relationship with our patients and our ability to deliver the care patients value. Its objective is to optimize quality, access and total health system cost of care for patients, using indicators from Health Quality Ontario’s Primary Care Performance Measurement Framework.