Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Originally posted Jan. 27, 2020. Last updated August 10, 2020

This page will provide updates on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) as they become available. The Ministry of Health has released guidelines for primary care, along with posters. A website for healthcare providers is now live. You can also access information for the public on their site.

COVID Alert App


Shard by the GOvernment of Ontario and Government of Canada

Shared on July 31, 2020

The COVID Alert app is now available for free from the Apple and Google Play app stores.
This new made-in-Ontario mobile privacy-first app, a joint initiative of the Governments of Ontario and Canada, lets you know quickly if you may have been exposed to COVID-19. You can then get tested, sooner, to help protect yourself and those around you. 

COVID Alert also provides access to the most up-to-date public health advice and resources to anyone who receives a message that they may have been exposed to the virus, including recommended actions, such as: get tested, self-isolate, or monitor for symptoms. To protect the privacy of all users, the app does not share any details about the time, date, or place of any potential exposure; and does not collect or share any personal information, such as the name, phone number, permanent device identifiers, locations or testing status of any users. 
By alerting more Ontarians faster of potential exposure to COVID-19 and providing direct access to public health resources, COVID Alert can help keep us safe and help reduce community spread. 
While the app is voluntary, everyone is encouraged download and use the app to help protect yourself and your colleagues. Please promote and introduce this key tool to your colleagues, family, friends, neighbours, and patients. The more of us who use the app, the more effective it will be in helping to stop the spread.

Stay safe and don’t forget that physical distancing, wearing face coverings, practicing good hand hygiene and keeping our social circles safe have been and remain critical in helping us stop COVID-19. 

Protect yourself, protect others. We are in this fight together.

COVID Alert Marketing Materials are available here: 

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Mental health and wellness during COVID-19

Originally posted on March 27, 2020. Last updated on June 26, 2020. 

We will be posting tools and resources to help providers and patients with mental health and wellness throughout and after this crisis. New and updated resources will be added to the top of each list as they become available.

We ask teams who develop or know of good tools to please consider sharing them for distribution.