Virtual Care, Digital Health and COVID-19

March 25, 2020

Originally posted Mar. 17, 2020. Last updated Mar. 27, 2020

Shift to Virtual Care - Primary Care Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Document

On Thursday, March 19 Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health issued a memo Re: Managing Health Worker Illness and Return to Work COVID-19. In the document he makes recommendations related to travel and return to work for health care providers. He also notes:
While other services are decreasing their operations, in health care you are being called upon to care for patients and to be ready for surge. I am asking, where there may be an opportunity, for all health system employers to facilitate work arrangements that enable appropriate employees to work from home or to work virtually, if not re-deployable.
Health system employers should also consider a review of their services and practices to identify how they can provide services to patient groups virtually or remotely.

These are uncertain times, but the recommendation is to try to accommodate care for patients virtually as much as possible. Below are resources to assist teams. These will be updated as they become available.

We are collecting stories from our members on they have shifted to virtual care in response to COVID-19. Summary of findings and a resource table can be found here: Shift to Virtual Care-Primary care response to COVID-19. We will continue to update this document so if you would like share any stories please email:

Virtual Care & Digital Health

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