Learnings from primary care: Vaccine roll-out across Ontario

Fri, February 26, 2021

On February 26, we heard from teams that have stepped up to provide leadership for vaccine distribution in their communities. They spoke to work that is underway, including roll-out and operation of mass immunization clinics, utilisation of mobile units to reach vulnerable people, and collaboration with primary care partners.

They shared unique examples of work in their regions; offered guidance and advice; and spoke to planning considerations and lessons learned.

The following leaders presented and answered questions:

COVID-19 Screening Tool for Children in School and Child Care - Ministry of Health


Shared by the Ministry of Health

Shared on October 1, 2020

This tool provides basic information only and contains recommendations for children to support decision making by parents about whether their child should attend school/childcare and/or needs to be tested for COVID-19. This can be used to assess symptoms of any child who attends child care or school (junor, intermediate, high school). It is not to be used as a clinical assessment tool or intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Screening must occur daily and at home before a child enters school or child care.

Cet outil ne fournit que des renseignements de base et contient des recommandations à l’intention des enfants pour aider les parents à décider si leur enfant devrait aller à l’école ou au service de garde d’enfants et (ou) s’il doit subir un test pour la COVID-19. Cet outil peut être utilisé pour évaluer les symptômes d’un enfant qui fréquente un service de garde d’enfants ou qui va à l’école (primaire, intermédiaire et secondaire). Il ne doit pas être utilisé comme outil d’évaluation clinique ou destiné à remplacer les conseils, diagnostics ou traitements médicaux. Le dépistage doit se faire chaque jour à la maison avant que l’enfant se rende à l’école ou au service de garde d’enfants.


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Considerations for Planning Curbside/Drive-Through Vaccination Clinics


Because of COVID-19, there has been a decrease in non-urgent, face-to-face, routine medical visits, including those for routine vaccinations. But unfortunately, postponing or canceling routine vaccinations for children and adults leaves individuals vulnerable to becoming infected with vaccine-preventable diseases and increases the risk of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks. One way to ensure that people continue to receive needed vaccines is to set up a curbside or drive-through vaccination clinic.

This is CDC document, updated July 2020, lists Considerations for Planning Curbside/Drive-Through Vaccination Clinics.

ESA Layoff and Constructive Dismissal (Bill 195)


The Ontario Employment Standard Act (ESA), 2000, normal layoff and constructive dismissal provisions were suspended by Regulation 228 in May 2020 to provide relief to employers at the beginning of the pandemic.

Bill 195 has lifted the suspension of these layoff and constructive dismissal provisions. 

The ordinary rules regarding layoffs and constructive dismissal under the Ontario Employment Standard Act, 2000  will be reactivated effective SEPTEMBER 4, 2020.

This will require you to review your current work arrangements to determine the risks and costs associated with:
a.    layoffs which could become terminations, and 
b.    potential constructive dismissal claims.

The document below provides further details for consideration.

This has been provide by Maria McDonald, McDonald HR Law.