AFHTO 2015 Conference: Strengthening the foundation of a sustainable health system

October 30, 2015
  • “FHTs and NPLCs are the engine of team-based innovation in primary care in Ontario and likely all of Canada.” – Dr. Sean Blaine, AFHTO President, at the Opening Plenary.
  • “Achieving the Triple Aim cannot happen without improved team experience.” – Both Dr. Ed Wagner at the opening plenary and Kavita Mehta in the closing panel pointed out the critical importance of the “Quadruple Aim” - adding the goal of improving health care clinicians’ and staff’s work life to the Triple Aim of enhancing patient experience, improving population health, and reducing costs.
  • “Small changes wrap up to big ones.” – Dr. Ivy Oandasan of University of Toronto’s advice to primary care teams on creating a culture of interprofessional collaboration focused on patient needs.
  • “Primary care leaders need to become system leaders.” – Paul Huras, South West LHIN CEO, at the Closing Plenary.
  • “Data to Decisions (D2D) is a total game changer… D2D is about finally moving from body-part measures of quality to a holistic human measurement.” – Dr. Danielle Martin, Women’s College Academic FHT, at the AFHTO Bright Lights Awards Dinner.
  • “It’s clear we’re ready to tackle the challenges that await us.” – Dr. Sean Blaine, AFHTO President, at the Closing Plenary.

Over 900 people took part in the AFHTO 2015 Conference – Team-Based Primary Care: The Foundation of a Sustainable Health System.

Conference attendees, presenters and special guest speakers were asked to explore how we can strengthen this foundation to meet the changing needs of our communities and patients. AFHTO members expressed a clear readiness to tackle these challenges, together with the pressing need to stabilize the primary care workforce and address critical system barriers. This will require consultation with providers and patients to design a system that makes sense. At the Bright Lights Awards dinner, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Bob Bell told members, "team-based care is the future of the province" and guaranteed that “any effort in primary care reform will have absolute thorough and timely consultation with primary care leadership.” AFHTO members are already demonstrating their leadership and initiative as shown throughout the conference:

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Thank you once again to the volunteers who contributed to the success of the AFHTO 2015 Conference – speakers, working group members, program hosts, profession-based program hosts, and registration desk volunteers. Thank you as well to our sponsors and exhibitors. It’s truly an honour and pleasure to work with so many highly talented, enthusiastic and committed people across the AFHTO community. We look forward to seeing you next year – October 17 & 18, 2016!