Patient Centred Access

October 27, 2011
2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Margaret Tromp MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRRMS; Karen Brooks, RN, BScN, CRE FHT/ORG: Prince Edward FHT ABSTRACT: Patients who have primary care providers often perceive that they are unable to get timely appointments. Open Access is proposed as a response to this, but does not meet the needs of patients with chronic disease or those requesting health maintenance visits (well baby, prenatal, periodic health review). We are piloting Patient Centred Access, as described by Leonard et al (Ann Int Med 2003). We offer same day appointments to those with acute problems. We encourage those with chronic health issues to book follow up appointments in advance and they are seen jointly by the chronic disease nurse educator and the physician. The nurse educator also does lifestyle and preventive counselling for all patients. We also offer telephone appointments for those who do not need to be seen in person, usually to follow up tests or treatments. We are introducing web based medication refills and conveyance of normal test results. Click here to view presentation.