AFHTO 2019 Conference: Registration now live

June 11, 2019

Registration now open for the AFHTO 2019 Conference!


Change can come fast and furious, and Ontario’s healthcare system is no exception. With the introduction of Ontario Health Teams, ‘upheaval’ could be considered an understatement. But the fundamentals remain- no matter the structure surrounding them, patients need care. And primary health care teams need to position themselves to provide this care in the best way possible.

‘Integration’ may be the word of the day, but primary care teams already embody it. At AFHTO’s 2019 Conference over 800 primary care providers, interprofessional health care providers, patients and community partners will explore how comprehensive care creates the patient medical home.

Evidence shows this home is the best foundation for a high-performing health system, so together we’ll tackle how teams can provide truly patient-centred care and value for all Ontarians.


See the full Conference Schedule here. For general information, you can visit our conference page.  

We look forward to seeing you at the AFHTO 2019 Conference!