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Post-Pandemic Primary Care: Respond, Recover, Rebuild


AFHTO 2021 Conference Virtual Event FAQ


The event landscape has changed so the AFHTO conference has changed. We’re thrilled to have our annual conference online again to continue and inspire the primary care community. We have reimagined our in-person conference to a robust virtual experience with digital sessions, an online poster gallery, sponsor showcase and video chat opportunities to engage with your peers. Join your colleagues on a virtual journey through learning and connecting. AFHTO proudly presents Post-Pandemic Primary Care: Respond, Recover, Rebuild

Here you’ll find all the information you need on what to expect and how to prepare for a virtual conference. We will update this page as the program develops and additional information becomes available. If you don’t see an answer to your question below, contact us at

Conference Registration

1.    How do I register for the virtual conference?

Click here to register for the AFHTO 2021 Conference.

2.    What do you get with registration?

Conference registration includes access to conference sessions, the Bright Lights awards ceremony and posters on both days, virtual sponsor showcase and networking areas. A fireside chat and the Annual General Meeting are also included for members, as appropriate.

3.    Will themes and sessions be like previous years?

Yes. Our focus hasn’t changed, just the medium. This online conference features the same caliber of speakers as past conferences. Be inspired by our keynote presentations and themed sessions geared towards providing quality primary care, along with some fun virtual wellness activities.

4.    What is the cost of the virtual event?

The cost of the virtual event is significantly lower than the price for the in-person event but delivers high value with valuable content, networking, and access to all the sessions for on-demand viewing after the event. Take advantage of the pre-conference rate (purchases up to October 20) for the best pricing. 

5.    How can I access the AFHTO membership discount?  

AFHTO members are eligible for the AFHTO membership rate. A code (sent by email to all members who have paid 2021-2022 membership fees in full) will be required to receive the membership rate. If you do not know your organization’s access code, please contact your administrator or

6.    Is there a special conference rate for students?

A limited number of student registrations are available at a subsidized rate. Once these are filled, you can request to be added to a waitlist by contacting

Students may be required to show student ID at check-in.

7.    Is there a special conference rate for patients?

Patient registrations are available at a subsidized rate. For information on discounted pricing please contact

8.    What other registration discounts are available?

Aside from the membership discount-

Poster presenters: for each approved poster, a presenter will be granted a $10 discount off the conference registration fee.

Volunteers: All working group members, ‘onsite’ volunteers and awards review committee members also receive a $10 discount

The discount can be combined for those who contribute in more than one capacity (e.g. a poster presenter who also serves on the awards review committee would receive a $20 discount).

9.    I’m not an AFHTO member; can I still come to the conference?  

Yes, non-members can register and will pay the non-member registration fee.

10.    Can I register more than one person at the same time?  

Yes, you can register multiple people at the same time using the conference registration website:

If you are registering multiple people and would like all registrations on a single invoice or payment, you can process them as a group. A complete registration form is required for each person - after completing details for the first registrant, you may add additional people to the group prior to the payment page, using the 'register another' button on the summary page for each registrant. The first registrant entered will be the primary for the group and invoicing.

Group registrations will be processed as a single invoice and payment (receipt); the first registrant will become the primary record and the total fees for all registrants in the group will be charged to this record. For individual invoices or receipts, please register each person separately.

Student Registration cannot be processed as part of a group invoice.

11.    Do I have to choose sessions when I register?

Most of our sessions are taking place one at a time this year. However, if more than one takes place at the same time, we no longer need to consider room capacity as we would for an in-person event because the AFHTO 2021 conference is virtual. If you have registered for the relevant day, you’re welcome to attend any session taking place. Feel free to switch from one session to another if you discover a topic you’d like to learn more about instead.

12.    How do I confirm that I am registered for the conference? 

Upon completion of registration, an email will be sent to the address(es) entered in the registration form to confirm the registration. Invoices and/or receipts are available within the email. If you require the confirmation email to be resent or require assistance updating your registration, contact or 1-888-245-4634.

13.    How do I make a change to my registration? 

Registration details can be changed online. Click the link in the confirmation email or return to the registration form and click on the ‘modify existing registration’ button. Use the email address on the registration and the confirmation number in the confirmation email to enter the registration. If you require the confirmation email to be resent or require assistance updating your registration, contact or 1-888-245-4634.

14.    How do I cancel my registration? 

With the nature of a virtual event, attendees can participate from anywhere around the world and sessions will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing after the event. Registrations are also transferrable to another individual. Therefore, no refunds for cancelled registrations will be offered.
To substitute an attendee and change the name on a registration, click on the link in the confirmation email or send a written request to

15.  I’m no longer able to attend; can I transfer my registration? 

Registrations are fully transferrable to another person. To substitute an attendee and change the name on a registration, click on the link in the confirmation email or send a written request to

Neither AFHTO nor Mosaic Event & Travel Management will transfer any fee or payment balances. It is up to the delegate and their replacement to manage any transfer payments between themselves.


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Going Virtual

16.    Can you describe what you mean by a virtual conference?

This won’t be just a standard Zoom meeting. The AFHTO 2021 conference will feature live presentations. You’ll be able to interact with others via one-to-one video chats, online lounges, and other virtual gathering spots. Sponsors will have a virtual showcase for you to explore between sessions and wellness breaks, and posters will be available online, offering you an opportunity to ask questions of the presenter(s).

17.    How do I log into a virtual event on the day of the event?

You will receive an email with a link to log on to the virtual event from your home computer, laptop, or smartphone. Log on credentials are unique for each person and cannot be shared.

18.    Will I have to download extra software?

No special software will be required to access the conference. The event will run on your web browser. You may have to sign up to certain services to access the sessions, but these will be free at the point of use. Further instructions will be given upon entry. For the best experience, we suggest using a desktop or laptop computer and the Chrome internet browser.

19.    Do I need to have a webcam for the event? 

Although you do not need a webcam to attend the virtual event, you’re encouraged to use your webcam to allow for face-to-face networking with other attendees.

20.    Can I record or take photos of the presentations?

AFHTO provides a means to share, publish, and collaborate on the latest developments in primary care research and applications. By registering for the virtually hosted AFHTO conference, you agree to not record, screen capture, or in any way reproduce material presented. Abstracts will be publicly available. Presentation materials (audio and visual) are intellectual properties of the authors and should not be disseminated, in any way, by registrants. We thank you for respecting the work of the presenters and keeping it confidential.

21.    Do I have to attend the entire event? 

Virtual events bring the experience of an in-person conference to your personal computer, so just like an in-person conference, you have the freedom to pick the sessions you attend. But many say that attending the event in its entirety will help you to get the most out of the experience. If you do miss a session, everything will be recorded and available on demand for registrants, so you can catch up on what you missed.

If you’re only interested in particular sessions, a single-day registration is available.

22.  Can I attend the AGM and/or Fireside Chat on October 26 only?

Members who wish to attend only the Member-Only Programming on October 26 (AGM and Fireside Chat) can register for October 26 only. There is a charge to attend, to cover costs, for the fireside chat. The AGM is limited only to voting members of a team’s leadership (Board Chair or Executive Director/Administrator Lead). Visit the Registration Fees page for complete details.

23. If the virtual conference is a success, will the conference remain virtual?

We don’t think so. Our community loves conferences and events! There is something when we gather in groups to be creative and energized by each other that can’t be replicated online. However, we have designed the virtual experience to be as close to the real thing as possible! We hope to be back in-person for Fall 2021 but may look at offering some online content and a ‘hybrid’ approach.

24.    What are the ways I can interact during the conference?

You can network with your peers in a virtual lounge space or invite other attendees to a one-on-one video chat. You can also listen to presentations and ask questions by typing them in the Q&A field.

25.    I want to be a sponsor for the 2021 conference. What changes can I expect?

The great news is that the 2021 event features our virtual sponsor showcase and we’re coming up with creative ways to connect suppliers and delegates. We will work in partnership with each sponsor to shape an experience that delivers the same or greater value as you would have at the live event. We are curating sponsor lounges and setting up new ways to provide lead generation opportunities. Click here for the Sponsorship Prospectus.

26.    Will there be volunteering opportunities at the virtual conference?

We anticipate needing a small number of volunteers. A call for volunteers will go out via email. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact

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Conference Program 

27.    What is the pre-conference programming? 

The fireside chat (open to members only) will focus on next year’s provincial election and what it means for primary care.


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Poster Presentations

28.    Do I have to register and pay for the conference?

Yes, AFHTO’s policy is that all who attend the AFHTO conference, including poster presenters, must register for the conference at the appropriate rate.

29.    Is there a special conference fee for poster presenters?

For each approved poster, a presenter will be granted a $10 discount off the conference registration fee.

30.    How do I make a change to my presentation information (i.e. title, abstract, presenters)?

Email with your title and the change needed.

39.    What do I need to do before the conference?
  • Register for the conference at the appropriate rate.
  • Submit your poster PDF 2 weeks before the conference on October 13, 2021. You will receive a follow-up e-mail reminding you of this deadline.
  • More presenter information will be released soon.
40.    When will posters be displayed at the conference? 

Posters will be available online to conference attendees as of the morning of Oct.27.

41.    How do I get more information?

Still have questions? Contact us at


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