D3-a - Leveraging Social Media during the Pandemic 

3. Integrated care and community responses

  • Date: Thursday, October 8, 2020
  • Concurrent Session D
  • Time: 4 :00 pm – 4 :30 pm 
  • Style: Rapid-Fire Session
  • Focus: Balance between both (e.g. Presentation of a best-practice guideline that combines research evidence, policy issues and practical steps for implementation)
  • Target Audience: Leadership, Clinical providers, Administrative staff
    , Representatives of stakeholder/partner organizations

Learning Objectives

Private enterprise will often use social media to generate business in healthcare social media can help reach the community and provide better stronger relationships with patients, community members and community partners.  

The objectives for the presentation include:

  • How to leverage social media, when you team is already doing so much
  • How to engage staff and physicians to want to participate in social media communications
  • Why social media can help your team provide better care


"Why use Social Media:

  • Allows staff and physicians a virtual platform to share information and engage with patients
  • Patients need to connect with their physician to feel a sense of calm and relief during these stressful times, this provides that virtual connection and aids in the consequences of social isolation
  • Share real-time information to patients and community members alike, so we can all do our part to slow down the spread of COVID-19
  • Bridges gaps for those community members who do not have ready access to these resources    

Social Media Strategy:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Know who the target audience is
  • Create engaging content
  • Maintain an active presence
  • Communicate successes with the team to leverage their engagement    

Outcomes of our experience:  

  • Positive Response from patients and community members
  • Requests from staff to participate
  • Community members coming together to help others (masks) 


  • Stephen Beckwith, Executive Director, South East Toronto FHT
  • Connie Gray, Finance & Facility Services Manager, South East Toronto FHT
  • Dan Gallant, Human Resources, South East Toronto FHT