A3- Seizing the opportunity to co design with patients and caregivers….it is the answer to building primary care in a new world

3. Integrated care and community responses

  • Date: Thursday, October 8, 2020
  • Concurrent Session A
  • Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
  • Style: Presentation (45 minutes-session)


The partnership with patients and caregivers provides a lens to solve some of the toughest improvement opportunities in health care.  This is the way to create #integratedcare and rebuild Primary Care as the medical home. In a world where patient caregiver engagement is colliding with  citizen movements, this session will showcase the mindset and behaviour shifts that will be the foundation for change. Christa and Jodeme will share evidence, emerging practices and show examples to illustrate the potential impact.

As Ontario continues to grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, the importance of integrating health care and social supports is more critical than ever. Comprehensive primary healthcare teams, with trusted relationships in the community, have a crucial role to play in identifying non-clinical needs and connecting patients to appropriate information and services. Social prescribing, an intentional and evidence-informed pathway to better connect health and social care, empowers clinicians, teams, participants, and community providers to collaborate and do just that. And as Ontario moves towards population health management with OHTs, the integration with public health will be important to ensure we promote upstream approaches towards health promotion and disease prevention for the wellbeing of each community. In this session, you will learn what your teams can do now to address social isolation and loneliness, improve mental health, and collaborate toward healthier and more resilient communities.


 Jodeme Goldhar

Jodeme Goldhar, MSW, MHSc, Executive Lead, Strategy and Innovation, The Change Foundation


Jodeme’s passion is convening opportunities for those in health and social systems to work together around common goals to realize the potential for transformative improvement. The Change Foundation serves as a catalyst to support large scale transformative change and ensures change opportunities are co-designed with patients, their families and providers.

As health systems pursue better integration, Jodeme believes that we need to work in new ways, with new power structures, to bring out the best in individuals, teams, communities and systems.

Jodeme brings over 20 years of experience in the Ontario health care and health policy sector and is an adjunct lecturer and co-instructor at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. Jodeme works locally and internationally with government, organizations and providers across the health system, clients and families. She has also acted as principal and co-principal investigator on a number of research initiatives related to integration to inform policy and practice in Ontario.

Jodeme serves as a Fellow of the NHS Horizons team in the UK,  a Board member and Senior Associate for The International Foundation for Integrated Care, Co Founder of the International Foundation for Integrated Care, Canada and an Executive Leadership Coach.

Christa Haanstra

Christa Haanstra, Executive Lead, Strategic Communications, The Change Foundation

Christa Haanstra is the Executive Lead for Strategic Communications at The Change Foundation, where she has responsibility for the overall brand and positioning, knowledge mobilization, stakeholder relations and digital and online presence. She has deep knowledge of engagement and co-design approaches, and uses this in all of her work.

She joined TCF in 2014 and was actively involved in the final wrap up of their work on patient engagement, including the Capstone Summit and the 20 Faces of Changes, recognizing leaders in patient engagement in Ontario’s health care system. For the past five years, she has been a member of the senior team, leading key areas of the Foundation’s work with caregivers, including the Caregiver Identification, the inaugural Spotlight on Ontario caregivers and Ontario’s first-ever Young Carers Forum.  

Prior to her time at TCF, she has worked in strategic communications roles across health care, academic and community sectors, working with organizations such as Holland Bloorview, CAMH, Ontario Medical Association, the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario and many others.

Christa has won numerous awards and recognition for her strategic communication, branding and social media work, including the 2018 Non-Profit Video of the Year from PR Daily for Abbigail’s Story, featuring a young carer sharing her experiences.