Family health teams deliver improved diabetes care for Ontario patients

According to research published in in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), switching doctors from fee-for-service payment and adding interprofessional health providers to the team appears to result in moderately improved diabetes care for Ontario patients. "Our study suggests that Ontarians might be healthier if everyone had access to team-based care" said Dr. Tara Kiran of St. Michael's Hospital Academic FHT and one of its authors.


D2D 2.0 report release: AFHTO members advance primary care measurement

AFHTO members are leading the way to advance manageable and meaningful measurement across primary care. This work is critical. Around the world, cost-effective, high-performing health systems are based on a strong foundation of comprehensive primary care; robust measurement is a mandatory ingredient for strengthening that foundation.

FHT physician awarded Order of Canada

July 3 – Dr. Ruth Wilson, a Queen’s FHT physician and former AFHTO board member, was named a member of the Order of Canada on Canada Day. The recipient of numerous awards, Dr. Wilson, who’s also a professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Queen's University, was moved by the honour, saying “it's not specific to my profession, it's an award on behalf of the nation.” According to The Kingston Whig- Standard, Wilson said family medicine's biggest accomplishment is the establishment of new models of care.


Optimizing value of and access to team-based primary care

Evidence tells us that, with a team-based approach to primary care, patients experience more timely access to care, better care coordination and improved management of their chronic diseases. At present, about 25-30% of Ontarians can access team-based primary care. The logical question is – how do we expand access to primary care teams and get the best value from this investment?

HQO Report: Patient experiences of care coordination and communication

April 15- AFHTO welcomes the release of “Experiencing Integrated Care: Ontarians’ views of health care coordination and communication”, Health Quality Ontario’s (HQO) report on patients’ experiences of their transitions between health care providers and the associated care coordination and communication. The report focuses mainly on patients’ experiences of transitions and communication between doctors, specialists and hospitals.

Improving access to EMR data – a success story

Feb. 5 - Almost overnight, 51 AFHTO members have taken up a new tool to extract data from any custom forms in PS Suite EMR, something that was not possible for teams to do previously. The tool emerged from the Innovation project developed by the East Wellington FHT and has spread like wildfire via Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialists (QIDSS) in family health teams. As a result, Dr.


External evaluation report on family health teams is now available

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has released the report: An External Evaluation of the Family Health Teams (FHT) Initiative. It is a longitudinal study over the period from Dec. 2008 to November 2013, prepared by the Conference Board of Canada under contract to the ministry. AFHTO has prepared a summary of this 311-page report.