August 05, 2020
Resource Includes:  Patient/Client Virtual Care Experience Survey Appendix A - Core 5 Questions
August 05, 2020
Created by eCE Centre of Excellence Resource includes:  Search and Import eForms into an Ocean site Create and Configure Your Ocean Study Settings Create Your Ocean Study Configure Your Study Settings (to mark survey as free) Exporting Data from Ocean Studies
August 05, 2020
Measuring the Patient/Client Experience with Virtual Care in Primary Care  Purpose:  In the last year, Ontarians attended nearly 1,000,000 virtual care visits (Ontario Telemedicine Network, 2019). Virtual care is provided through a vast number of modalities such as voice, video, teleconference,
June 15, 2020
On Thursday, June 11, The Change Foundation released Patient and Family Engagement in Primary Care: Building effective patient and family advisory councils in three Ontario communities,a case study report featuring 3 Family Health Teams. The report finds twenty key lessons in 5 categories-
June 02, 2020
Primary care continues to step up and ensure our patients get the care they need. From the beginning of this pandemic to now as the province transitions to re-opening services, teams have rapidly been adapting to change. It is important that innovative
April 22, 2020
Available in BMC Family Practice, published April 15, 2020 Authors: Ruta Valaitis – McMaster University     Laura Cleghorn - McMaster FHT Lisa Dolovich – McMaster FHT Gina Agarwal  – McMaster FHT Jessica Gaber - McMaster FHT Derelie Mangin - McMaster FHT Doug Oliver – McMaster FHT Fiona
April 08, 2020
Created by Ontario Palliative Care Network  Updated March 26, 2020    Resource includes:  Support for Difficult Discussions, and Crisis Communication Symptom management End-of-life Care Digital Platforms Additional Resources
April 08, 2020
Created by Ontario Palliative Care Network  Updated March 26, 2020    Resource includes:  Prioritizing Palliative Care Delivery Human resources Access to beds Access to medications and equipment Psychosocial, grief and bereavement support Clinician safety and support
March 24, 2020
Longwoods article published Mar. 23, 2020 By Thuy-Nga (Tia) Pham, Jeff Powis, Mark Fam, Ian Fraser and Anne Wojtak In the 17 years since the SARS crisis, Ontario has invested in our public health system and improved connections across the healthcare system to better respond ‘as one.’ Although we
January 20, 2020
Excerpt from CBC News, published December 10, 2019 By Jennifer Lee   A new report by the Health Quality Council of Alberta reveals two Alberta primary care clinics — using an alternative funding model for doctors — are saving the health-care system millions of dollars a year. HQCA studied 10