Video: Why D2D Matters – A family doctor’s perspective

Data to Decisions (D2D) is a membership-wide report on performance in primary care. In this 4 minute video, Dr. Michelle Greiver, North York FHT, describes the reasons she values Data to Decisions. Share this video with your colleagues, physicians and board members to start conversations about how your team could benefit from D2D.

D2D 3.0 Data Dictionary

The data dictionary version 4  describes indicators for D2D 3.0 and includes some changes from the initial set of indicators reported in D2D 1.0 and D2D 2.0. The definitions and data sources for these indicators are based on the Primary Care Performance Measurement Framework (PCPMF) wherever possible. Although the goal is to not have multiple versions of the data dictionary, it is inevitable that there will be at least one update in the future to incorporate the finalized expanded indicators.