AFHTO 2019 Annual Report: Health System Integration Built on the Foundation of Team-based Primary Care

In 2017, AFHTO engaged in a strategic planning exercise that led to the development of a 3-year strategic plan with a shared vision: high quality, sustainable, team-based primary health care for all.

It is now 2019 - the final year of our strategic plan - and there’s significant change underway in Ontario as the health care system is restructured to deliver fully integrated, patient-centred care that’s co-designed by patients, families and caregivers alongside their health care providers. 

Focus on City of Lakes FHT

City of Lakes FHT is pleased to share a video that covers their mission, vision and introduces their interdisciplinary healthcare team and services.

Whether or not you're their patient, you may not be aware of all the things they do. From services to programs to digital health, they're constantly working to create a better healthcare experience for their patients.