Want more eyes on your program or team? Submit a "Bright Lights" nomination!

June 13, 2019

Nominate your team, partnership or colleague for a Bright Lights Award
and gain your biggest audience ever.


The AFHTO 2019 Conference Awards ceremony, which will be held at lunchtime on September 19, 2019. Open to all attendees at the AFHTO 2019 Conference, this is an audience about three times larger than past awards dinners. Marathon CBC profile



Past winners have also:

  • Gotten media coverage
  • Been presented as shining examples with local and provincial political leaders
  • Been profiled in Health Quality Ontario’s Quorum and social media, with 3,775 views total on Quorum alone




Bright Lights tweet

It’s also an opportunity to raise your profile even if you don’t win. Nominations are some of the best resources we use to publicise your work with external stakeholders and the public at large.





You can:

  • Nominate your own team –you should be proud of your own work.
  • Apply even if you didn’t send in an #AFHTO2019 abstract.
  • Nominate your initiative if you’re not an AFHTO member but work in partnership with one.

For more information regarding eligibility please visit our site.

Not sure if your team’s achievements merit recognition? Never submitted a nomination before?  You can watch this 2016 webinar or view the slides for an overview of what reviewers are looking for and tips for writing a nomination.

And don’t forget- some award recipients will receive an education grant valued at $1,250.

There will also be special recognition for underrepresented teams. You could win an award for your contributions to Ontario’s healthcare system. The winner(s) will be selected based on the strength of their nomination to one of the six categories.

Shine a light on your team - Make a nomination today:

For more information, you can visit the Bright Lights webpage.

We look forward to seeing your nominations and recognizing ALL the excellent work being done!