AFHTO Bright Lights Awards

August 28, 2019

2019 Bright Lights Awards

AFHTO’s “Bright Lights” Awards recognize AFHTO members’ leadership, outstanding work and the significant progress being made to improve the value interprofessional primary care teams across Ontario deliver. Select award recipients will receive an education grant.

Bright Lights Award recipients are:

  • Innovators – making small changes for maximum impact to improve patient experience and outcomes
  • Team Players – interprofessional teams, collaborators and relationship builders
  • Demonstrating Impactcan show how their work is benefitting the health care system

Nomination Eligibility:

For a program, initiative or individual to be eligible for a Bright Lights award, they must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Programs or initiatives must be undertaken by an AFHTO member. If the nomination involves a team’s partners, the work must either be led by an AFHTO member or they otherwise play an integral role.
  2. Programs or initiatives that have previously won a Bright Lights award are no longer eligible, whether in their original or expanded model.
  3. Individuals must be staff or affiliated with an AFHTO member and the nomination must be for work they’ve performed in their capacity as such. Please note- education grants will be paid to the team rather than an individual.

Award Categories

Seven awards in seven categories will be presented this year.

  1. Access to care: improving access to team-based care
  2. Continuous care: ensuring seamless transitions for patients across the continuum of care*
  3. Comprehensive team-based care*
  4. Patient and family-centred care*
  5. Community and social accountability*
  6. Enabling high -performing primary health care
  7. Special recognition for underrepresented teams

In 2018 Algonquin and Cottage Country FHTs won special recognition for effective response to rural community need. This year all new/underrepresented primary care teams will again have the opportunity to win an award for their contributions to Ontario’s healthcare system. The winner(s) will be selected based on the strength of their nomination to one of the six categories above.

Education grants will be given to award recipients in the categories* above thanks to the generous donations of our sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim.

Shine a light on your team - Make a nomination today:

  • Nominations are now closed but teams can still submit 1-4 high-quality photos of nominees in png. or jpg. format to be featured at the Awards Ceremony on September 19th (Photos should be at least 500 KB in size.)
    • Take a video (up to 10 seconds long) with your smartphone and share with
    • Signed statement of attestation to release photos for AFHTO use.
    • Any supporting evidence and materials as appropriate.
    • Deadline to submit photos and video is July 11, 2019.

Past Award Winners

Congratulations again to all the past winners of our “Bright Lights” Awards! To learn more about past “Bright Lights” Awards winners and their accomplishments, please visit the links below:

Online Hall of Fame

We are shining more light on all the "Bright Lights" nominees! You can see the nomination through the online hall of fame: