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September 24, 2021
Post-Pandemic Primary Care: Respond, Recover, Rebuild


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The Information Age started in the 20th century, but the misinformation age exploded with social media. Before COVID, we marvelled at how fast it could connect people across the globe, unite them in common cause and help bring important issues into the light. We also saw how easily it could be used to sow discord about even benign topics.


  • Dr. Allan Grill– Lead Physician, Markham FHT; President and Chair, AFHTO


  • Amanda Higginson- Project Officer, Ottawa Public Health
  • Kevin Parent- Program and Project Management Officer, Ottawa Public Health
  • Sabina Vohra-Miller- Founder, Unambiguous Science; co-founder, the Vohra-Miller Foundation
  • Spokeperson TBD, Vaccine Hunters Canada

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