Aging at Home: A Portrait of Home-Based Primary Care across Canada

June 26, 2019

Aging at Home: A Portrait of Home-Based Primary Care across Canada

Article published in Healthcare Quarterly  in April 2019


  • Sabrina Akhtar, University of Toronto
  • Mayura Loganathan, Mount Sinai FHT
  • Mark Nowaczynski,University of Toronto
  • Samir Sinha,University of Toronto, UHN
  • Amanda Condon, ACCESS River East
  • Vivian Ewa, University of Calgary
  • John C. Kirk, Southlake Academic FHT
  • Thuy-Nga Pham, South East Toronto FHT



Older adults and their families often struggle in navigating an increasingly fragmented healthcare system when it becomes increasingly difficult to receive care beyond their homes in the face of advanced illness, frailty and complex care needs. The provision of integrated home-based primary care has demonstrated improved patient and caregiver experiences and reduced healthcare costs when primary care providers collaborate in delivering care as part of larger interprofessional teams. In this trans-Canada portrait of five urban home-based primary care programs, their core features are highlighted to provide a roadmap on how to integrate this form of care into a Patient's Medical Home in partnership with acute and home-care providers.


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