October 28, 2020
Research paper published in the International Journal of Health Policy and Management Abstract Background: The province of Ontario, Canada has made major investments in interdisciplinary primary care teams. There is interest in both demonstrating and improving the quality of care they provide.
August 05, 2020
Resource Includes:  Patient/Client Virtual Care Experience Survey Appendix A - Core 5 Questions
August 05, 2020
Created by eCE Centre of Excellence Resource includes:  Search and Import eForms into an Ocean site Create and Configure Your Ocean Study Settings Create Your Ocean Study Configure Your Study Settings (to mark survey as free) Exporting Data from Ocean Studies
August 05, 2020
Measuring the Patient/Client Experience with Virtual Care in Primary Care  Purpose:  In the last year, Ontarians attended nearly 1,000,000 virtual care visits (Ontario Telemedicine Network, 2019). Virtual care is provided through a vast number of modalities such as voice, video, teleconference,
April 08, 2020
Created by the Algorithm Project Team    Resource includes: Technical Details Step by Step Process for using the search to build your depression registry
March 31, 2020
Originally posted March 31, 2020, updated on April 3, 2020. Dear AFHTO EMR CoP Members,  As many of you are aware the EMR communities of practice (CoP) will be transitioning from AFHTO to OntarioMD effective March 31, 2020. AFHTO would like to thank all members for their continuous support and
December 16, 2019
Join CMHA, AMHO, and AFHTO for a 2ND of a 4-part webinar series on community and primary care QI projects and initiatives with a focus on mental health and addiction. In preparation for Ontario Health Teams, learn about opportunities for collaboration with your local mental health and addiction
November 16, 2018
You cannot improve what you don't measure. With that in mind, AFHTO is committed to advancing measurement in primary care. However, measurement for its own sake is a futile exercise. The value of measurement is as a tool for quality improvement. AFHTO's approach to measurement is informed by the
October 04, 2018
Baby step by baby step, walking the measurement talk – to better health Imagine the conversation. “Hey, my sweet baby, what do you think about putting your vaccination into the tablet here? That way the doctor will know that you have had your shots, and all your information will be in one
August 13, 2018
Standardized Clinical Queries Algorithm Project Value of Consistent Clinical Data   NOTE: All queries are tested and validated prior to release. However, changes that take place after the queries are released may affect how accurate they are.  Such changes could include EMR software