Using Manchester Scale during initial diabetic foot screening in primary health care settings: Study

May 18, 2021

Research paper published in The Foot Volume 47, June 2021, 101810


Limitations have been identified in the current state of primary care practises with regards to identifying and correctly categorizing foot deformity and its associated risk of developing foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. This study aims to bridge these gaps through the implementation of additional categorization tools to be made available for primary care professionals.

This study thus analysed the relationship between foot pressure distribution and amount in patients with diabetes with Hallux Valgus foot deformity, and its different stages, in order to better understand the clinical applications of the Manchester Scale. Statistically significant data in pressure distribution (P < 0.05) was found in all three severity groups identified by the Manchester Scale (Mild, Moderate and Severe) when compared to a No deformity group.

However, only the Severe Hallux Valgus group crossed the threshold over 500 kPa in the area of first metatarsal bone. Further research should aim to analyse pressure distribution and amount in patients with both diabetes and diabetic neuropathy of all stages of Hallux Valgus.



  • Sulejman Menzildzica, Dufferin Area FHT
  • Nosheen Chaudhryab, Dufferin Area FHT
  • Carol Petryschukc, Dufferin Area FHT

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