AFHTO response to public health modernization

February 10, 2020

As government undergoes public health modernization, AFHTO is pleased to provide a few recommendations to better align primary care with public health. Together with government, we will build more coordinated, integrated and person-centered health care for the people of Ontario.

  1. Strengthen the relationship between primary care and public health to better align with health system transformation- we recommend that public health be better integrated within the health system planning as a full partner that, alongside primary care, ensures prevention, health promotion, wellbeing, and chronic disease management be part of the full continuum of care for patients and the population being served.
  2. Improved communications and integrated digital health systems - Though the ideal state is to create one electronic medical record for patients, in absence of adopting one EMR for the province, we suggest thought be given on how better to integrate, connect, and coordinate health promotion, health protection, and health care between primary care and public health.
  3. Establish local pubic health service delivery areas that are aligned with Ontario Health Teams - We suggest delivery areas be aligned with Ontario Health Teams or with existing municipal boundaries to avoid confusion for providers who are seeking local resources or supports.

Read the full document here.