AFHTO Pension proposal needs 27 more FHT responses

October 08, 2010

One of the top concerns identified by Family Health Teams was the gap between the benefits package available through FHT funding, and that offered elsewhere in the health care system.  To help FHTs attract and retain skilled healthcare workers, AFHTO has been working with HOOPP, the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan to address the pension gap.  HOOP has been collecting the data needed to for us to move forward on pension discussions with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. To date 23 FHTs have completed the survey; 27 more are needed in order for the results to be robust for presentation to the Ministry.  Results to date were presented at the October 6 AFHTO 2010 conference; the case is beginning to emerge, but data from at least 27 more FHTs are needed to complete the job. Thank you to the FHTs that have already participated. If your FHT would like to do so as well, it will involve a few hours at most of staff time in order to complete the survey. Please email: