AFHTO 2021 Conference: call for poster abstracts

June 30, 2021
Post-Pandemic Primary Care: Respond, Recover, Rebuild

It’s time to highlight primary care.

Present your ideas and initiatives at the AFHTO 2021 Conference:
Post-Pandemic Primary Care: Respond, Recover, Rebuild

We’ll be selecting content for our 5 core themes and we need your help. We want your insight, from system and policy-level discussions to patient-focused inquiries into the ways teams can better serve their communities now and as we transition to a post-pandemic reality.

The deadline to submit for an #AFHTO2021 presentation is
August 3, 2021, at 5:00 PM (EDT)

Review submission guidelines

Submit online

Reduced registration fee for poster presenters: For each approved poster, a presenter will be granted a $10 discount off the conference registration fee.

As a reminder, sessions will be streamlined this year and curated by staff (i.e., there will be panels and keynote speakers for example instead of concurrent sessions). We will continue to have regularly scheduled webinars focused on primary care teams’ needs for the rest of the year so as always send in your suggestions! For this conference, we welcome speaker suggestions.

Bright Lights update

We’re currently in discussions with potential sponsors for AFHTO’s “Bright Lights” Awards, which recognize AFHTO members’ leadership, outstanding work and the significant progress being made to improve the value interprofessional primary care teams across Ontario deliver. Nominations will open soon, but members can get started by taking the following into consideration:

  1. Unlike previous years, the awards will not be based on conference themes. Instead, most will focus on how teams have taken care of their communities during the pandemic. We’re celebrating you and all you have done for Ontarians during a very challenging period.
  2. There will be two special awards- one for small, rural, and Northern teams and another for local-level research i.e., research performed beyond your mandate as a primary care team.
  3. We’ll be promoting nominations before the conference, so please consider sending in a 30 -90 second video providing an overview of your initiative as part of your nomination.

Conference key dates:

  • June 30, 2021- Applications for conference posters open
  • July 2021- Bright Lights nominations open
  • August 3, 2021- Deadline to submit poster abstracts
  • July-early August 2021- Conference registration opens
  • October 27 & 28, 2021- AFHTO 2021 Conference

Do you know anyone with interesting and innovative initiatives to share? Please forward this email to your colleagues, community partners and stakeholders to make sure everyone has an opportunity to present their initiatives.

And don’t forget, the deadline to join a working group is next Thursday, July 8. Come behind the scenes and be the first to learn about new developments in the field, influence conference programming and discover the latest innovators in areas directly relevant to your work. Working group members also receive a discount off their registration fee.

For more information, you can contact us by phone (647-234-8605 x1200) or e-mail (