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AFHTO Bright Lights Awards

2019 Bright Lights Awards

AFHTO’s “Bright Lights” Awards recognize AFHTO members’ leadership, outstanding work and the significant progress being made to improve the value interprofessional primary care teams across Ontario deliver. Select award recipients will receive an education grant.

Bright Lights Award recipients are:

Transitions from Hospital to Primary Care

Tue, August 27, 2019

Presented by Health Quality Ontario

The webinar will touch on the following QIP indicators in the primary care and hospital sectors:

  • 7-day post-hospital discharge follow-up
  • Patient experience: Did you receive enough information when you left the hospital? 
  • Medication reconciliation at discharge 
  • Discharge summaries sent from hospital to primary care provider within 48 hours of discharge 

The objectives of this webinar are to: