Pan-Canadian PHC Indicators

October 27, 2011

2011 AFHTO conference presentation PRESENTER (S): Brenda Tipper, M.H.Sc; Jennifer D’Silva, M.Sc. FHT/ORG: Canadian Institute for Health Information ABSTRACT: In 2006, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released 105 consensus and evidence-based pan-Canadian primary health care indicators (PHC) with which to measure and compare PHC at multiple levels across jurisdictions in Canada.  This year CIHI is embarking on an initiative to identify and update two priority sets of indicators. One set will be oriented to policy-makers for use in assessing the performance of the primary health care system and another to providers of PHC for use in monitoring quality within their organizations and practices. While the project is currently ongoing, the list of identified priority indicators for PHC providers will be presented along with an overview of the changes made to update the indicators and lessons learned along the way. Potential data sources and intended use of the indicators will also be discussed. Click here to view presentation. (Hold cursor over top left corner of each slide to see additional background on the slide.) Click here to view the 15 indicators for which data can be drawn from EMRs that meet OMD spec 4.0.