Ontario Health Chair Thanks Susan Fitzpatrick for her service as Interim CEO

January 29, 2020

January 29, 2020

TO: Ontario Health Stakeholder Partners

FROM: Bill Hatanaka, Ontario Health Board Chair

As Susan Fitzpatrick ends her tenure this week as Interim CEO for Ontario Health, I’d like to take a moment to thank her and recognize some of her many achievements.

Susan joined the organization in April 2019 with a focused goal – to work with the Ontario Health Board of Directors and the Ministry of Health to begin to build the foundation for Ontario Health. In her role as Ontario Health’s Interim CEO she faced a challenging assignment and she achieved significant results. To name just a few, her work was instructive in creating our foundational capabilities in governance, human resources, finance and administration, digital, strategy, engagement, communications and transformation.

Additionally, under her leadership and working closely with the Ministry of Health, we transferred five provincial agencies and the non-home and community care LHIN Vice Presidents and Directors into Ontario Health to form the basis for an integrated agency. We also established five interim Ontario Health regions and appointed five transitional regional leads to support transition planning while overseeing the ongoing management of LHIN operations. Throughout, Susan continually kept staff abreast of Ontario Health operations and achievements through ongoing bulletins, materials and multiple town halls. Her dedication giving people as much information as she had available, and in as timely a way as she could, was appreciated by us all.

With this and other important foundational work completed, Susan will now transition to an advisory role to support Matthew Anderson, Ontario Health’s new President and CEO.

Please join our Board of Directors and me in extending a heartfelt thank you to Susan for her hard work and dedication in navigating Ontario Health over this past year.

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