Virtual Mental Health Tools - Togetherall, BounceBack and Beacon Demonstrations

Thu, September 24, 2020
Zoom Webinar

Hosted by AFHTO 

Please join us for some background and live demonstrations of Mental Health tools. 

BounceBack is an evidence-based, skill-building program grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that helps adults and youth learn skills to better manage low mood, mild to moderate depression and anxiety, stress or worry. BounceBack is managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association and is FREE to all Ontarians aged 15+. Primary care providers can refer directly to BounceBack through the Ocean eReferral Network, supported by Think Research. For more information visit

Funded by the Ontario government during COVID, guided digital therapy with BEACON is available free of charge to all Ontarians to help build stronger resiliency and improve mood and anxiety concerns. BEACON provides a 12-week personalized course of digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT)– always guided by a registered mental health professional who provides support through secure digital messaging. For more information visit:

Endorsed and paid for by the Government of Ontario and Ministry of Health, Togetherall (previously known as Big White Wall) is a clinically moderated, online peer-to-peer mental health community that empowers individuals to anonymously seek and provide support 24/7. Togetherall is FREE to all Ontarians aged 16+. For more information, or to register yourself, please visit our new website (registration requires a valid Ontario postal code). 

Big White Wall/ Togetherall was discontinued as of January 16, 2021


Date & Time:  Thursday,September 24, 2020 (12-1 pm) 


Victoria Seynard, Togetherall; Partnerships Manager, North America

Nicole Misura, Togetherall; Vice President Partnership North America

Shilpa Magnesh, ThinkResearch; Account Executive 

Anna Piszczkiewicz, BounceBack; Engagement Coordinator

Felicia Fallen, Beacon, Account Executive, Public 


Slides: Click here