Opioids Clinical Primer

In collaboration with Ontario’s six medical schools, Machealth has launched a new online learning program designed to help Canadain health professionals better understand their role in the management of the ongoing opioid crisis. The program addresses common challenges in the management of chronic pain, with a specific focus on risk reduction when prescribing opioids, as well as a focused look at preventing opioid use disorder and overdoses. The online program, the Opioids Clinical Primer was developed with the goal of reducing opioid-related harms by:


  • Helping clinicians develop strategies for safer opioid prescribing
  • Increasing awareness of opioid use disorder and the availability of evidence-based treatment
  • Facilitating access to naloxone
  • Educating regarding harm reduction

This program is entirely free, just like all of Machealth's continued professional development programs. To date, the first two courses in a set of six have launched – but you can look forward to more soon. The fully featured program will include the following courses:


  1. Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care: Principles of Assessment and Management
  2. Managing Patients with Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care with Buprenorphine
  3. Safer Opioid Prescribing Skills
  4. Mental Health, Chronic Pain, and Substance Use: Addressing the Connections
  5. Strategies for Managing Chronic Pain: Moving Beyond Opioids
  6. Treating Opioid Use Disorder: Initiating Buprenorphine in Primary Care, ED and Inpatient Settings

They’re excited to spread the word about this exciting new continued education opportunity for health professionals in Canada. In addition to being a valuable educational experience, every course will be certified for both Mainpro+ and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada MOC credits for continued professional development.