International Audit and Feedback Summit: Leading Change

Join us for the third annual International Audit and Feedback Summit: Leading Change. Hosted by Health Quality Ontario in partnership with The International Audit & Feedback Meta-Laboratory Highlights of the Summit:
  • Panel presentations, workshops and discussions with researchers and implementers of Audit & Feedback programs in Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States.
  • Feature presentations on the latest research findings for strengthening Audit & Feedback
  • Eight interactive workshops designed to maximize the impact of Audit & Feedback featuring priority topics like opioid prescribing
  • Networking with Audit & Feedback researchers and experts, health care professionals and leaders from around the world to share ideas and learn.
  • Confirmed speakers include Professor Robbie Foy (UK), Professor Jill Francis (UK), Dr Noah Ivers (Canada), Dr Jamie Brehaut (Canada) and Dr Jeremy Grimshaw (Canada)