Health System Leaders Webinar - Advancing Community and Primary Health Care

We are very excited to announce our third webinar in the Health System Leaders Webinars Series- Advancing Community and Primary Health Care in Ontario, taking place on September 19th at 12pm-1.30pm. To register please follow the instructions in the link below: Content will build on the first 2 webinars in the series and will touch on:
  1. Overview of the new government's priorities and approach for health care
  2. Who's who in Ontario government and Ontario health care system today
  3. Leading in a changing health care landscape
Please be advised that the previous webinars in the series are available to watch online. We would encourage all participants to watch these key webinars before participating in webinar #3 . Webinar #1, Understanding the Ecosystem: Overview of the Ontario Healthcare System Watch here Webinar #2, Making Sense of the Policies behind Healthcare Reform Watch here   Please also be advised that Webinar #3 will be recorded and posted in our website in due course .