COVID-19 vaccination in Canada: an educational series for primary care professionals

Hosted by the University of Toronto DFCM and the OCFP

Primary care teams have a critical role to play in vaccinating the Canadian population against COVID-19.

This self-learning series from DFCM and the Ontario College of Family Physicians is designed to provide primary care professionals with the knowledge and skills to support Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination effort. The series is designed both as a continuous learning experience and as a resource that users can refer back to as needed. Although much of the material is broadly relevant to practitioners in any setting, some of the resources and guidance are specific to Ontario. Evidence and policy are evolving rapidly and we will be making every effort to keep the modules up-to-date.

There are four e-modules available covering why we need the vaccine, the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines, plans for vaccine rollout and how to build vaccine confidence among patients. The last major update to the modules was on February 18, 2021.

The modules are interactive and include references, practical resources and reflective questions to help consolidate learning. They also include short videos from the COVID-19 Community of Practice for Family Physicians.

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Disclaimer: The ‘COVID-19 Vaccination in Canada: an educational series for primary care professionals’ is designed for educational purposes and reflects evidence available in the context of a rapidly evolving landscape of research and policy guidance. The information shared in the educational series is not intended to serve as medical advice.

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