Advanced Training in Cognitive Behavioural Insomnia Therapy (CBT‐I) in a Family Health Setting

Wed, March 27, 2019 - Thu, March 28, 2019
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto

Two‐Day Advanced Training in Cognitive Behavioural Insomnia Therapy (CBT‐I) in a Family Health Setting

Dates: Wednesday, March 27 & Thursday, March 28, 2019 Location: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario Facilitator: Dr. Colleen E. Carney, Ryerson University

Hosted by: the Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT‐I) is a straightforward treatment to learn, but delivering this treatment to those with complex, co‐occurring conditions can be a challenge. This challenge can be addressed by learning a case formulation approach. A client‐centered approach provides flexibility and efficiency of delivery, while remaining empirically based. This small, interactive workshop will deliver a comprehensive ‘basics of CBT‐I’ program on day one, followed by an advanced case formulation‐based training to help with your most complex cases.

Who Should Attend: Those who work with adults with insomnia in a primary care (i.e., non‐sleep specialty) setting and wish to learn how to treat insomnia when their clients have comorbid health problems, as well as how to help their clients discontinue sleep medications. The material will be tailored to fit varied disciplines including psychology, pharmacy, nursing, social work, occupational and physical therapy, and physicians.

Day One Agenda: The Basics of CBT‐I for Family Health

  • How to do a sleep assessment in a non‐sleep specialty setting
  • How to identify and modify behaviours that interfere with the build‐up of deep sleep drive
  • How to teach clients to calculate their optimal time‐in‐bed prescription and determine their optimal “sleep window”
  • Fatigue management strategies
  • Techniques for managing cognitive arousal
  • Delivery models: One session primary care, 4 session individual therapy, 7 session group therapy, Hypnotic tapering protocols and hypnotic discontinuation counseling

Day Two Agenda: Advanced CBT‐I for Family Health

  • A review of sleep regulation and CBT‐I techniques
  • How to apply what you learned in your previous CBT‐I training (day one) to a more advanced, case formulation approach
  • Assessment tips to identify the three causes of chronic insomnia
  • Eight questions that guide a thorough case formulation
  • Considerations for those on medication
  • How to adapt CBT for those with unique or complex health conditions

To register: Please fill out this registration form and mail/fax it to the Sunnybrook Academic Family Health Team. Early‐bird (by February 22): $345; Regular (deadline March 6): $385. Space is limited.

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