2018 Videoconference Series: Geriatric Mental Health

January event:

Understanding the Human Aspects of Animal Hoarding. Caring about Animals is no Substitute for Caring for Animals.

Presented by: Matt Robillard, MD, FRCPC Baycrest Objectives: 1. Define animal hoarding 2. Understand how it relates to OCD 3. Describe the difference between hoarding and sheltering 4. Appreciate an explanatory model (including attachment, trauma and unconditional love of their animals) that may drive people to hoard animals Friday, January 26, 2018 Noon – 1 pm EST Classroom ABC Also available via Telehealth & Webcast. To Participate Through Telehealth: Provide your Telehealth Coordinator TSM # 79488436 to confirm your site To Participate by Live Webcast: Search for Baycrest or TSM # 79488436 under live “public” events on http://webcast.otn.ca