Collaborative Governance: Moving at the Speed of Trust

Collaborative Governance: Moving at the Speed of Trust 

Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Maximum: 60

Collaboration among Ontario health care organizations at both the governance and operational levels is now recognized as essential to achieving the goals of the Connecting Care Act, 2019. However the CCA does not prescribe any governance model for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) and the Ministry Guidance makes it clear that there is no specified model; OHTs “are free to determine the governance model that works for them,” and that governance arrangements are to be “self-determined and fit for purpose”.

The advantages of a truly collaborative governance model are appealing - pooled resources. Better impacts. Broader skillsets and perspectives – the question is how do we get there? The success of these collaborative partnerships will be influenced by the trust among the parties and the degree to which initial governance models enable the ability to evolve over time.

Join us for this interactive workshop to explore different ways of approaching the initial governance structure of an OHT and to help governors and leaders:

  • understand the range of benefits of various forms of collaboration in advancing the OHT’s mission and creating value for those served
  • meet the Ministry’s minimum governance requirements for OHTs, from readiness through maturity
  • understand their roles and responsibilities in overseeing collaborations
  • ensure policies are in place to govern the formation, execution, and evaluation of collaborations
  • ensure the risks associated with a collaboration are properly identified, analyzed and managed
  • monitor the collaboration’s progress and promote continual improvement.
  • learn from examples of successful board-to-board collaboration to further integration initiatives
  • identify the tools and processes required to support successful governance collaborations
  • understand the intricacies of trust and how to build it